Bishop of Huron

Bishop of Huron

Rev’d Eleanor Caruana



Rev’d Frank Squires



Rev’d Marita Williams

Assisting Priest

Assisting Priest

Brent Fifield

Organist and Director of Music

Organist and Director of Music

Eric Dewdney

Organist Emeritus

Organist Emeritus

Friend, you enter here not as a stranger, but as a friend of God


Trinity Church, Cambridge sits on the banks of the Grand River in the down town core of Cambridge, and is home to almost 400 families and individuals.

We continue to be blessed by both our past and present ministries.

Our sanctuary is spacious and beautiful, and includes a smaller, charming chapel. Our Stained Glass is breathtaking and is witness to our scriptures and our history.

Generous workers and donors keep our sanctuary beautiful. Visitors and members find it to be a place of inspiration and beauty, soaked with the prayers of generations of people. We welcome you to join us Sunday mornings in this sacred space.

The church was built and consecrated in 1844, four years following the incorporation of the parish, by the Rt. Rev. John Strachan. The Hon. Wm. Dickson donated the land on the right bank of the Grand River and together with his superintendent/manager, Absalom Shade, bore a large portion of the cost of clearing the land and building the church. Both men were founders of Galt, Ontario.

Through a bequest by Absalom Shade, Trinity House, the rectory, was built in 1873. The park in front of Trinity Church was also a gift of the Dickson family and is open to the public. Trinity Anglican Church is the oldest stone church in Waterloo Region.

Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery

Trinity Cemetery

Located on Blenheim Road, it is the only Anglican Cemetery still in use in Cambridge. It is the resting place of some of the founders of Galt.

Trinity’s historic cemetery is among the oldest in Cambridge.  In the midst of ancient trees and well kept grounds, people come to pay their respects and take a quiet moment to remember loved ones. 

Please contact us for more information about our cemetery.

Trinity Weddings


Our uplifting sanctuary is a popular option for weddings. 

This is the oldest stone church in all of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge.  The oversized stained glass windows and interior carvings are stunning. 

Walking into this sanctuary, it is hard not to catch your breath with the sacred beauty of the space.  This is a deeply meaningful place to express your commitment to each other before friends, family, and God.

For more information on getting married at Trinity, please explore our wedding page, or contact Marley Inksetter in the church office at 519-621-8860 or e-mail

Our Wardens

We are grateful for the hard work of our Trinity Church Wardens Bonny Jensen (Rector’s Warden), Bill McMullen (People’s Warden), Susan Johnson (Deputy Rector’s Warden), and Marilyn Parkinson-Crump (Deputy People’s Warden).

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