Our worship services in common prayer is an important part of how we come together. The Anglican Church follows a traditional set of prayers from two books:

Book of Common Prayer (BCP): based on 16th Century rites
Book of Alternative Services (BAS): an updated version published in 1985

The Eucharist (communion) is offered during our Sunday service. All that are baptised are welcome to partake or come forward for a blessing.

Services at Trinity

Upcoming Scripture Readings can be found here.

Sunday 8:00 am

A traditional service of Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP).
This service does not include music, nor is the service projected on a screen.
Participants use the small red book in the pew, and enjoy the metered poetry of this old English liturgy.

Sunday 10:00 am

This service includes our skilled choir, and hymns sung from the blue book in the pew.
Fully supervised nursery and children's Sunday school programs are available during this service.
Children are invited to the front near the beginning of the service to participate in a fun talk about that Sunday's theme. Following the talk, they are invited to participate in Sunday School or sit with those who brought them. 
Later in the service, the children are welcomed to participate in communion or receive a blessing.
There is a large screen at this service, projecting the words of the service for participants to easily follow. 
There is a leaflet, listing the various parts of the service. People may also choose to follow along in the green book in the pew.
After the service, there is time in the hall for conversation, coffee, tea, and baked goodies.

Thursday 10:00 am

Mid-Week Holy Communion - A quiet, intimate service which takes place in our smaller chapel.
This service does not include music.
Participants use the green book in the pew. The words of this service are not projected on a screen.
After the service, there is time in the hall for conversation, coffee, tea, and baked goodies.

Come as you are!

There's no dress code. If you don't yet feel ready to participate in one of our services, you are welcome to simply come in to watch and listen. Please be welcome to find a seat anywhere (they are not reserved) including our balcony seats with a view.
If you are here for either our Sunday 10am or our Thursday 10am services, there is always coffee, tea and a chance to chat afterwards in the church hall. Please stay if you have time.



There is an access ramp near the main entrance, for strollers, prams, and wheelchairs. There is a sound system projecting voices so they may be heard. Large print copies of the service books are available. Participants are welcome to sit for the entire service if they prefer.
We are a church that complies with Diocesan Safe Church and Health and Safety guidelines.

What to Expect

"Anglican services follow a pattern that begins with the gathering of the community, then listening to and reflecting on the Scriptures. The community then brings the needs of the world and the community to God in prayer, and the group partakes in the holy meal of bread and wine [the Eucharist], before being sent forth into the mission of daily life." -Anglican Church of Canada

Liturgical Cycle

Throughout the year, Trinity follows the Six Seasons of the Church - Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost - with a set list of Bible readings for the year. The liturgical cycle divides the year into a series of seasons, each with their own mood and theological emphases that are reflected in our chosen readings.