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From Our Sunday Bulletin:

Simcoe House - an addiction treatment centre, has moved from The Cambridge Shelter Corporation and is now under the umbrella of Family Counselling Centre of Cambridge and North Dumfries. Ancora House, for women and Saginaw House for men, are functioning now and are almost back to capacity. They are in need of the following items - Toilet paper, Kleenex, Coffee, White Sugar, Shampoo and Cream rinse, Razors for men and women, cleaning supplies, laundry soap. There will be a box at the back of the church starting Easter Sunday for your donation 

Parish Council Meeting Tuesday April 23 7:00 pm

Health & Wellness Committee: CSC is undergoing some staffing shortages. Exercise programs will be up and running in the fall. The next blood pressure clinic will be June 2.

Parish breakfast Saturday April 27th 9:am $5.00. Speaker: Marjar from Natures Vibe Topic DIABETES. Menu: Sausage, French toast, orange juice, hashbrowns, fruit, muffins, bottomless tea & coffee. Bring a friend, family, and children eat free. Enjoy Christian fellowship.

Prayer Shawl Ministry thanks everyone involved with making the chicks and bunny sale a success. Proceeds will go to the roof fund.

Memorial Hymn Sing: The Anglican Churches in Cambridge are invited to join in a Memorial Hymn Sing on Sunday, April 28, 2:00 pm, at St. James', 520 Ellis Road in Hespeler. Come and join in singing these well-known hymns!

Cemetery Committee: Our spring clean up dates have been set for Saturday, May 4th and Saturday, May 11th at 9:00 am. Come on out and enjoy some fresh air, a bit of exercise, great fellowship, and some coffee and timbits as well!

ACW General Meeting: Tuesday, April 30, 7:00 pm, in the Arthur Brewer Room. All ladies welcome!

Waterloo Deanery ACW Spring Gathering: Saturday, May 4 at St. Columba, Waterloo. "Days for Girls" presentation by Ruth Ann Snider. Please RSVP to Ann Wilkinson by April 24 at < or 519-884-6122. See the poster on the bulletin board for more information. 

Thankoffering Sunday will be held on May 5. Offerings in the pink envelopes will go the work of the diocesan ACW. Thank you!

Spring Bale Packing: Tuesday, May 14, 1:00 pm. Donations of new or nearly new spring/summer clothing for all ages will be sent to the Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh in northern Ontario. Thank you!

Confirmation: A Waterloo Deanery Confirmation service has been set for 9 June, the Feast of Pentecost, at 4 pm. Those adults and youth seeking to be confirmed or received into the Church should speak to Canon Bowyer.

175th Anniversary Historical Note # 14 In the late 1920s the redecoration of Trinity’s chancel and sanctuary with religious imagery  took place.  High on either side of the altar in the upper reaches of the walls depictions of grape vines entwine the painted trellis in a very organic manner. They are symbolic of our unity with Christ the source of our life. “I am the vine and you are the branches.’ (John 15.5) This understated symbolic decorative mural work is the product of the talented church interior decorator Peter Charles Browne (24 October 1868 Bredbury, England – 23 December 1937 East York, Ontario) who beautified many churches and public buildings throughout the province. The company he founded in Toronto in 1905 lasted three generations. His work in Trinity dates from 1928 and seems to have been part of the redevelopment of this space that also included the installation of the carved panelling and reredos. Browne was trained in Scotland at the height of the Arts and Crafts movement which was inspired by the oeuvre of the great William Morris its founder and that influence is readily seen in Browne’s execution of the decorative programme in Trinity. Within the Gothic arches are cartouches emblazoned with iconic symbols relative to the high festivals of the church year. In one the angel pointing to the irradiated star refers to Christmas; the heavenly chorister is portrayed conveying the Gospel message, “Gloria in excelsis”; the star of Bethlehem is that which guided the Magi to the Holy Saviour. In the second the ancient Greek mythological phoenix is used to represent Easter. As the ancients believed that the phoenix was cyclically regenerated or reborn this legendary bird came to signify the resurrection of Jesus.  The descending dove in the third cartouche is an Scriptural image taken as a reference to the gift of the Holy Spirit and so depicts for us Pentecost, the natal day of the Church. The large central cartouche features the Agnus Dei - the Lamb of God - (a Christological sign) who was slain to take away the sins of the world. One recognises here the anthem sung during the distribution of the Holy Communion (BCP p. 84, BAS p.226). The sacrificial Lamb stands on a book with seven seals, which points to the final judgement (Revelation 5. 1-14). This motif is set within a cross and a wheel shape symbolising time and eternity within which is placed a crown of thorns which invokes the Passion of Christ. At the top of the cartouche is a crown, the symbol of Christ the King. On the painted and gilt unidimensional pilasters are seen Greek monograms IHS and XP meaning “Jesus” and “Christ”. Three shields are also a part of the overall ornamentation. The first, representing our Diocese of Huron, bears the crossed swords of St Paul on a red background above which is a beaver perched on a log, the totem of the indigenous Huron nation, upon a blue background. This shield was first adopted by the Church Society of the diocese in 1858 and was taken over by the Incorporated Synod of the Diocese of Huron in 1874. Huron’s bishops used from 1857-1955 a different shield bearing crossed swords and a royal crown. In 1955 the elements of both shield designs were combined and granted to the Bishop of Huron by the English Kings of Arms and have since been registered with the Canadian Heraldic Authority.  The second shield, a surprise to see in an Ontario setting, represents Nova Scotia. Granted in 1868 by Queen Victoria it was replaced by King George V in 1929 with the province’s original coat of arms assigned by Scotland’s King James VI circa 1625. The former Nova Scotia shield appears here probably to remind us that the Canadian Church’s first bishop, Charles Inglis, Bishop of Nova Scotia, was consecrated in 1787 and what we now know as the Diocese of Huron came under his episcopal jurisdiction, the oldest church here being the Royal Chapel in Brantford built in 1785. The episcopal nature of these two shields is emphasized by the mitres, crosses and crosiers seen over them. The third shield shows two interlaced equilateral triangles each point embellished with a trefoil on a blue background. This represents the Most Holy Trinity, the title of our parish’s church. The hexagram formed by the two triangles is known as the “Creator’s Star” for it represents the six days of creation and the Divine rule over the universe in all directions, north, south, east, west, up and down. It speaks of the eternal nature of the Trinity since it was present at creation. This symbol is also a feature of the 1886 rose window over the balcony. If one looks very carefully lilies and roses can be spotted throughout the murals symbolic of purity and love, the Virgin Mary and Christ.

Noteworthy Notices:

Bottle Recovery:  Please remember to bring empty beer, liquor and wine bottles to the back of the church.  Proceeds are going to the roof repairs. If you choose to take the empties to the beer store and donate the cash to the church for a tax receipt, please allocate the donation for roof repairs.

Valuables:  Please do not leave valuables unattended or in your coat pocket if you hang up your coat.  Coats and rooms are not always supervised. Thank you.

Pastoral Care: If you or someone from the church is in hospital, or would like a pastoral call for any reason, please call 519 841 0691 and leave a message to let our clergy know.  Thank you!

Used Laptop:  If you have a used laptop running Windows 10 that you would be willing to donate to the church, please contact the church office.  Thank you!

Nursery Volunteers:   We are looking for volunteers to help in the nursery.  If interested, please contact Tanya Douglas 519 212-3494.  Thank you!

 Church History Booklets:   If anyone is interested in purchasing a $ 5 "A Sense of Place" booklet about Trinity’s history, please contact Tanya Douglas at (519) 212-3494.

Global Outreach and Disaster Relief:  Please go to for an update on our Anglican responses and options for contributing.

Online Giving: Our website offers online giving through PayPal and Credit Cards. It also offers donations of securities or shares through Canada Helps. Donations continue to be received in the previous ways.  This is simply an added option. Thank you.

Pew Cushions are available at the back of the church, near the door to the hall.